Scope of our claims management

Immediately upon receiving instructions we agree an appointment and conduct an inspection of the loss location. We obtain photographic evidence and make a written record of the damage. In addition we recommend the requisite measures to mitigate the damage, so that consequential losses and associated costs can be considerably reduced. You can have confidence in our employees’ experience.

We then at once inform our principal by telephone and in writing about our initial findings at the loss location, and immediately start preparation of our expert report. Depending on the type and extent of damage, we may have to conduct further investigations on site. If necessary we can arrange chemical and structural investigations to enable expert opinions to be reached.

We can undertake the following tasks for you:

Expert report for the preservation of evidence

Export report to determine the damage to buildings, with calculation of replacement and current values

Report on market values

Determination of the insurable values of buildings

Coordination of renovation measures

Our principals:

Insurance companies, brokers, courts of law, banks and savings banks, industry and commerce, as well as private clients.


Specialist areas

We specialize in wood constructions, and wood as a construction material is becoming increasingly significant with regard to structural engineering.  Structures with a wooden framework, nowadays standard, are continuing to gain acceptance in general housing construction, so that the raw material timber exercises a significant influence within building structures.

Another area we focus on is wood flooring. Mr. Bröskamp (Dipl.-Ing.) was a buyer for a parquet manufacturer, and consequently has a comprehensive knowledge of raw materials procurement and of the cost structure relating to the construction of wood floors.

Supporting frameworks made of wood also comprise a main part of our business. The owner, Mr. Bröckelmann, trained as a carpenter, as did Mr. Stratmann. As well as being part of his apprenticeship, constructing in wood was a specialist component of Mr. Stratmann’s degree.

Knuffmann • Bröckelmann GmbH’s company philosophy is to create a basis for the best possible claim settlement for all parties concerned in a claim by means of competent claims management.

We assess damage caused by, and evaluate the losses due to, fire, explosion, storm and water to buildings, machinery and equipment.